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How Much Does Termite Removal Cost?

Every homeowner tenses up at the word “termite” because of how destructive those little bugs can be. The biggest problem with termites is that you often do not know that you have an infestation until you walk through your living room one morning and fall through your wood subfloor. The best approach to handling termites is to get your property treated for termite removal once a year to prevent infestation. But if you do see termites, then you need to act fast to get rid of them.
Termite removal
The Facts About Termites
According to PestWorld.org, termites cause approximately $5 billion in property damage in the United States each year. The three most common types of termites are dampwood, drywood and subterranean, with the names indicating the activity of each type. For example, dampwood termites prefer damp wood and so on.

Once a termite colony is set up in or near your home, it will feed on the wood in your home 24-hours a day, seven days a week. While termites do prefer warmer weather, they can be just as active in the cold weather as well. It should be noted that while termites can survive in the cold weather, they are more prevalent in the warmer climates.

The Cost Of Removing Termites
CostHelper.com offers the clearest estimate of what it would cost to completely remove a colony of termites. There are five methods professionals use to remove termites; chemical, heat gun, fumigation, traps and electro-gun. The effectiveness of the removal method depends on the experience of the exterminator and the situation. For example, chemical extermination might not be as effective as heat extermination in cold and wet weather.

For a house of approximately 1,250 square feet, the average cost to remove termites is:

The ranges in prices are dictated by house conditions such as how much wood there is in the house and whether the house sits on a basement or slab.
Termite removal
Can’t I Just Do It Myself?
TermiteMD.com suggests that homeowners could significantly reduce their extermination costs if they were to try and get rid of the termites themselves. But is it worth the risk? The average professional charges approximately $5 per linear foot to treat a home for termites, while the DIY process could be as cheap as 84 cents per linear foot. The linear foot measurement is made by determining how many linear feet of walls and other areas must be treated. For example, a room with walls that are 10 feet wide has 40 linear feet of area to treat.

While it sounds great to save that much money on extermination costs, a professional offers a guarantee that says that your termites are gone or else the company keeps coming back for free until they are gone. When you do it yourself, you don’t get that kind of guarantee and, since you are not an expert in getting rid of termites, the chances are very high that you will miss a few spots.

Termites can literally bring the house down if they are not stopped. Preventive maintenance when it comes to termites is the best route to take to prevent infestations from starting. If you do get termites, then you need to call in the professionals as soon as possible.

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Bad News: Pests are Evolving to Stay in Our Space

For years you have been treating your indoor cats with the same flea medication because it always worked. Then, one year, you noticed that the fleas were not instantly disappearing like they had in the past. Why? It is because pests of all kinds are able to adapt quickly to extermination products because pests love to infest the areas where humans, and non-pests, live.

How bad is it getting? If you read the news, you will see stories about mice and bedbug infestations in large cities that thought they had their pest problems licked. But instead of getting rid of the pests, they seem to be coming back in record numbers. The newest developments in pest control are not giving very encouraging news when it comes to allowing humans to occupy a space that is pest-free.
The Latest In Genetic Warfare
Genetically-altered crops are a big topic of discussion lately because many activist groups claim that we really do not know how dangerous these crops are to humans. According to Popular Science, the companies that grow genetically-altered crops used to have ways of keeping pests from destroying their precious product. But the pests are getting immune to the extensive efforts to keep them away from crops and the problem is getting worse.

In Brazil, there are fields of genetically-altered corn that used to be protected from caterpillars by plants that had a long history of killing corn-destroying caterpillars. But in recent years, farmers are noticing that the caterpillars are no longer dying because of the special plants and their corn is being destroyed. It only took a few years for caterpillars to develop an immunity to a plant that used to kill them instantly. That is some very fast evolution.

Evolution In Our Garbage
Mice can be some of the most destructive pests in large urban areas and they have been a source of frustration for a very long time. Scientists studying mice in New York City are starting to see mice that adapt not only to the methods used to remove them, but also to the conditions in which they are forced to live.

Mice that live in areas where there is garbage thrown everywhere have developed the ability to consume human garbage as a healthy source of food which allows them to survive in those conditions. Mice that live in other parts of the city where there is plenty of shrubbery and open spaces have developed more athletic bodies that allow them to move quickly from one area to the other. As the conditions around them change, the mice continue to evolve and become much more difficult to remove.
It Is Hard For Mankind To Keep Up
A study done my Michigan State University suggests that up to 500 types of common farm pests are able to adapt rapidly to chemicals and other methods used to destroy them. These species of insects and spiders develop a resistance to human chemicals and then they pass that ability to their offspring. The cycle continues and the evolution continues, which makes extermination almost impossible.

If you want to really keep your space free from pests, then you are going to need to alter your methods every so often to prevent pests from building up resistance. If you get complacent in your pest removal methods, then you should probably plan on making room for some new, furry roommates.

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Even Safe Drivers Get Hammered by High Car Insurance Rates

All your life people have been telling you that the best way to get good car insurance rates is to be a good driver. It sounds great in theory, but it is far from the truth. Even people with great driving records can get hammered with high car insurance premiums and it is often for reasons that they have created themselves. The important thing is to keep an eye on all of the elements that go into creating a low insurance premium and focus on reality, instead of relying in hearsay to get you great rates.
Insurance rates Your Credit Is A Problem
You can drive just fine, but you seem to have issues with paying your credit card bills and that is going to kill your ability to get a good insurance premium. According to FederalAutoLoan.com, a couple of the bigger insurance companies charge customers with bad credit double what they charge customers with good credit.

Is it fair? Well, nothing in life is fair, but this seems especially cruel for good drivers with bad credit. After all, your car insurance premium should be based on your ability to avoid making claims against your auto insurance and not how well you handle your finances. It can be frustrating when your inability to pay the Home Depot credit card bill on time costs you more for your car insurance.

Insurance Lapses
Insurance companies do not look kindly on drivers who allow their insurance to lapse before getting into a new policy. How long is too long for allowing your insurance to lapse? According to Kiplinger.com, 45 days is a long enough lapse to cause some insurance companies to not even give you a quote, even if you have never had an accident in your life.

Your Job Isn’t Good Enough
This one is going to be hard to believe, but your job could dictate whether or not you get the best kind of car insurance. According to Forbes.com, a study was done where a single woman who worked as a receptionist and had no accidents was pitted against an executive with a family and an accident on her record. Many of the larger insurance carriers gave the receptionist higher rates than the executive and the executive’s accident was her fault.

Insurance rates
Paying The Price For Your People
You may have never had an accident in your life, but if your age group has experienced an abnormally large amount of accidents over the past 12 months, then your rates are going up. CarsDirect.com says that insurance companies justify this increase by saying that they have to cover potential risks to be able to offer everyone coverage, but it just makes safe drivers wonder if paying attention while driving is even worth it.

You have never had a ticket and you have never even had so much as a fender bender in your life. By all rights, you should have the lowest car insurance premiums available, right? There are plenty of other factors that go into determining your insurance premiums and there is no guarantee that your great driving record is going to get you better rates than the person who has smacked into a telephone pole in the past year.

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