4 Ways to Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning the house every week can become tedious and physically demanding. If you have a large family or any kind of physical ailment, then keeping up on the house cleaning can be difficult. But if you want to keep your family healthy, then keeping a clean house is essential.

When you get the right advice, it is not as difficult to keep your house clean as you may think. There are ways that you can stay ahead of house cleaning or keep house cleaning manageable enough to make sure that your home always looks great.
Set Up Footwear Collection Mats At The Door
A rather innovative homeowner posting on RealSimple.com suggests placing footwear mats inside and outside of home doorways to prevent people from tracking dirt into the house. By adopting a simple rule that all shoes and outside footwear should be left at the door, you can prevent the need for constantly sweeping your hardwood floors and limit the need to vacuum rugs considerably.

Get In The Habit Of Taking Care Of Chores As They Are Needed
Cleaning Housebeautiful.com recommends doing dishes as soon as they hit the sink to prevent them from piling up. Not only does this keep the house clean, but it also takes one huge job of washing the dishes and breaks it down into manageable pieces. Instead of spending hours washing dishes every weekend, you can take care of it immediately and eliminate the back-breaking work.

This also applies to tasks such as putting dirty clothes in the hamper, wiping up spills as they happen and putting clean laundry away as it comes out of the dryer. Instead of letting things pile up, you can take just a few minutes to take care of them and keep your house clean.

Spread Out Cleaning Tasks Over The Course Of The Week
One of the reasons that houses tend to look untidy is because trying to clean an entire house one day a week is a daunting task. Some homeowners would rather just live with the mess than attempting to tackle it all in one day. In the meantime, the mess gets larger.

If you treat your cleaning tasks like you do the chores that were just mentioned, then you can keep the house clean with what seems like a minimal amount of effort. Instead of washing the floors, cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the kitchen on the same day, you should spread those three tasks out over three separate days and make the work go by much faster.

Have Designated Areas For Everything
Dining room tables tend to be collection areas for everything from winter coats to junk mail and it can all look very messy after just a couple of days. If you set your dining room table and then put up a coat rack for the coats, then you will start to get everyone in the habit of putting things where they need to go. You can also put a recycling bin in a prominent spot in the house and use it as the place to put junk mail. When everything has its proper place and the whole family gets used to putting things where they belong, then the house stays clean all week long.

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