What are Smart Vents and How Can They Keep Your Home Warm?

It seems like every week there is some new and innovative technology product that is designed to help homeowners save money in one way or another. Some of the products are not the great investment they are advertised to be, but there are home products that can help you save money and change the way that your home utilizes energy. One of those innovative home products that every homeowner should look into is the smart vent and they can change the way your home feels in the winter and how your energy bill looks every month.
Smart vent What Is A Smart Vent?

The product experts at Consumer Reports describe smart vents as furnace vents that work directly with the furnace thermostat to help maintain a constant temperature in a house. A single-furnace home often has areas that are too cold or too hot, and it can also be frustrating to have complete rooms that are rarely used being kept at temperatures that feel higher than rooms which are used every day. The smart vent uses sensors to decide when to open and close the vents and when to redirect warm air flow in a room.

How Does A Smart Vent Work?
In homes that have more than one furnace, it is possible to set up control zones that help keep rooms at specific temperatures. But if all you have is one furnace, then setting up these energy-efficient zones can be difficult.

Smart vents can be used to set up comfort zones that can prevent wasting heat on rooms that are barely used, while insuring an even distribution of heat to the most commonly used rooms. The smart vent uses temperature and air pressure sensors to determine when it is time to open or close vents, and when warm air needs to be diverted to a different part of the room.
Types Of Smart Vents
At this point, there are two types of smart vent systems for homeowners to choose from. There are individual smart vents that communicate directly with the thermostat to maintain the proper temperature in different parts of the house. There is also a smart vent system that allows the homeowner to plug sensors into the electrical outlets in each room and then the sensors utilize the Internet to control smart vents in each room to maintain temperature.

Homeowners utilizing smart vents need to remember that the vents and sensors need to be free of any obstructions in order to do their jobs properly. That means that all furniture, drapes and other obstacles that commonly get placed in front of electrical outlets and furnace vents will need to be moved to accommodate the smart system.

To utilize smart vents properly, you need an experienced contractor who is an expert at installing and maintaining these kinds of products. When you call us at (888) 513-7788, we will help you find the perfect contractor who can install your smart vents and show you how to use them. At 24Hourly.com, our experts are ready to help you find the resources you need to get the latest in home efficiency technology.

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