Connected Homes are Creating Security Concerns

Electronic gadgets and Internet-connected devices can make life easier and help you to access your personal information whenever you want. Each day, our smartphones, computers and other electronic gadgets collect the information they need to keep our lives easier and they store that information on the cloud for easy access. But who else can see that information? How secure is your personal data?

As the world becomes more reliant on cloud-based computing and electronic gadgets, personal information becomes more at risk. There are several security concerns you should be aware of as you add more and more Internet-enabled devices to your life.

Security A Broad Range Of Devices Can Be Affected
It can seem almost funny that an Internet hacker would take the time to try and gain control of your Internet-enabled blender, but the end game that the hacker has in mind is not quite as amusing. Insulin pumps, CPAP machines and other home medical devices can be at risk from hackers thanks to an increase in Internet connectivity.

According to USA Today, experts in the field of medical electronics are well aware of the risks posed by Internet-connected medical devices and are constantly taking steps to stay ahead of the hackers. Consumers can do their part by staying informed on any updates to their existing home medical equipment that will help keep out hackers and other people looking to cause trouble.

What About Those Security Cameras?
Forbes Magazine points out that, while it is convenient to be able to use Internet-enabled security cameras to keep an eye on our homes when we are at work or on vacation, those cameras are tempting targets for people who want to watch you when you are not expecting it. Viruses that access the built-in web cameras on laptops have been around for a while now and that idea is expanding to wireless, Internet-enabled security cameras and other wireless cameras.

Camera manufacturers are serious about keeping access secure for every wireless surveillance camera and laptop web camera available. Consumers should be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on securing their laptop web cameras, home surveillance cameras, the cameras on their smartphones and any other camera that could be used by others to deliver unauthorized images.
Internet-Enabled Homes Require Major Security
The idea of being able to turn off the lights in your home or reset your home security system by using your smartphone is convenient and extremely helpful. It is important to work with security companies that understand how to keep out hackers and prevent anyone else from accessing your home security system. Consumers should also do research on apps that can turn appliances on and off in their homes through their smartphones to make sure that the app they are getting is safe.

You need to make sure that your data and Internet connections are completely secure, which means you need to find a reliable technology company that can offer you service day and night. That is why it is critical that you call us at (888) 513-7788 before you start broadcasting your personal information to a place where potentially anyone else can see it. At, we are the professionals who can help you to find the experts who can keep your information and your family secure.

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