6 Essential Tips for Healthy Teeth

When you attend to good dental health, you’re not only able to keep a nice smile, but you’re also likely to avoid the complications that can happen when your teeth and gums get neglected and infection sets in. Here are six ways you can do your part to keep your teeth healthy.
Eat Foods High In Calcium
U.S. News and World Report reminds us that our teeth are primarily made of calcium, which makes calcium an important building block to good dental health. By eating foods that are high in calcium, such as cheese and yogurt, you give your body the nutrients it needs to keep your teeth healthy.

Keep Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy
Good dental health for your children starts when they are babies and is a critical part to ensuring that your child grows up healthy. When your baby drops their pacifier, always clean it with warm, soapy water before giving it back to your baby. This will stop the spread of bacteria that can cause dental health problems for your little one.

Brush For Your Children
Another good dental health tip for children comes from Reader’s Digest and deals with your child’s ability to properly brush their teeth and prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria. The reality is that your child is not able to properly brush their own teeth until they reach the age of six or seven, so you should brush your child’s teeth for them and show them how it is done.
Drink A Lot Of Water
MouthHealthy.org recommends drinking water after every meal and throughout the course of the day to help keep harmful bacteria away from your teeth. By doing something as simple as drinking water several times a day, you can wash away potential dental health issues and keep that healthy smile.

Only Use Your Teeth For Chewing
When you are trying to open a bottle of soda and there isn’t a bottle opener around, you may think that using your teeth is a clever plan. The Better Health Channel says otherwise and says that we should only use our teeth to chew food. That means that opening bottles of soda, cracking open nuts and removing store labels from our clothing with our teeth are all really bad ideas.

Get Into A Good Routine
The medical experts at WebMD.com remind us that a routine of brushing our teeth twice and flossing once each day is a good habit to get into if we want to preserve the health of our teeth. Flossing is especially important because it removes the debris that gets stuck in between our teeth and can cause decay issues over a long period of time.

An important part of maintaining healthy teeth is to see a dentist twice a year and have the number for a good emergency dentist available when a crisis occurs. When you call us at (888) 513-7788, our experts will get you the information you need to find a reliable emergency dentist and keep your teeth healthy. At 24Hourly.com, we use our resources to help you to keep your smile bright and your teeth as healthy as possible.

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